Chairman's Message

As Chairman of the Al-Awama Group of Companies, I am delighted to report the success of the organization in creating new opportunities in all areas of our business. Global growth in a number of important business sectors along with technological changes in certain key industries has provided opportunities for expansion. Al-Awama’s professional management team introduced new ideas researching and developing areas of the market, using their individual commercial and technical skills.

The Group demonstrated during challenging times that it is at the leading edge of the business spectrum with a product portfolio that keeps pace with customer demand, striving to improve services on a general scale, while simultaneously concentrating its efforts in various sectors. The entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and ambitious approach of the management team continues to pull together expertise and local experience to achieve Al-Awama’s goals.

Our commitment, in terms of quality and technical proficiency, market awareness and customer care, is dependent upon the presence of key personnel within the group. Team work and team spirit, along with the retention of qualified staff, are attributes that are paramount to our continuing operational success.
I have committed myself to setting simple yet essential strategic goals for my team in order to maintain a healthy business development with the Group. The strategic plan includes the continuation of customer care and after sales service along with the pursuance of the latest state-of-the-art products and services so as to meet global standards.

We are strengthening our approach through the use of information-related tools as a means of enhancing and improving the use of the worldwide technology highways. The operating environment is changing at a rapid pace, to avoid being swept away by this current of change, we will be mindful of all factors that may affect us, giving total commitment in all areas of potential growth and working to increase efficiency and profitability.

I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead, assuring all my international business associates and partners of the full co-operation and commitment of my staff at the Al-Awama Group of Companies.

Ibrahim J.S. Al-Ghanim