AGTC Telecommunications Division

The Telecommunications Division of Al-Awama General Trading and Contracting Company was established in 1995 with the purpose to supply, install and manage the provision of up to date, state-of-the-art customer telecommunications products and services. Telecommunications is a growing market, particularly in government and major business sector areas. The major customer in the State of Kuwait is the Ministry of Communications, from which a number of industrial and commercial contracts have resulted.

Supply of all types of network terminal equipment along with cable and duct materials forms the main part of the divisions activities. We at Al-Awama Telecommunications Division supply and install carrier networks and associated circuit termination equipment at the Ministry’s gateway exchange and are currently maintain and monitoring the performance levels. Al-Awama Telecommunications Division also provides maintenance for various telecommunications sites around the State of Kuwait. The company takes great pride in the success of its Telecommunications division, making every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Division has an impressive list of international suppliers from which it can call upon to provide equipment and services that are in demand by the major business sectors in Kuwait. The spectrum of the Division’s activities covers supply, installation and maintenance of all customer products and services with total commitment at all stages of the process. The Telecommunication Division’s strategy is to provide its customers with the latest state of the art telecommunications technology and tools while simultaneously ensuring a smooth integration of all the afforded systems.